Bill Buster Program has started.

Extreme Shoppings Bill Buster Program has swung into action, I would like to invite towns to send interest to us if they would like their town to offer a trade promotion like the Bill Buster program.

We also welcome interest from businesses if you would like us to operate a Bill Buster program in your town.

Our Bill Buster program is very exciting for Business and Public alike.

As we all are aware in the todays world our power bills just keep going up and no matter how much discount they give us to join a buying group it just seems the saving are burnt up a month latter in extra charges.

We at Extreme Business Solution decided if we set up a program that has no discount bearing on the power supply chain then it should give people a fair chance of cutting down their power bill.

Hence the Bill Buster program is born.

So people ask how will this help us?

It is so simple we can not ask the business to pay your power bill but we can set a program in place where if your store you buy from participate and you normally buy from them for goods then you will have a good chance to win money paid off your bill.

We have set this as a growth program so we will run this every month and ask business to join up, the more business we sign the more bills we can pay each month it is that simple.

How does that work ?

We set a joining fee or a ticket fee for the business to use our marketing system in their business for 30 days, we then take part of these fees and pay the winners bill at the set amount stated in the promotion.

For example say a country town has 4000 businesses in town and 50% join up we have 2000 business involved, they all pay a fee set out and agreed. To attract sales either in the town or surrounding towns to increase their bottom line, in exchange we could offer 1/4 of a million dollars off the towns people’s power bill, every month just for shopping at the right stores.

It is that simple, What could you do with an extra $500 spare every month?

So if we save people money by paying their Bills then you have more free Money and you can spend and buy new items for yourself from these stores and you gain more chances to win more bills paid by Extreme Business Solutions.

It is a Win,  Win from both sides.

Bill Buster Program

Shop, Click & Win