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Extreme Shopping /Free Prizes, Cash, Promotional, Competitions, Giveaways, Shop-Win

Free Prizes

All Prizes offered on are commercial prizes, we do not sell tickets you have to purchase from participating stores to claim for tickets


Lots of our competitions we offer cash. This allows your dream to come true without the hassles


From time to time we will offer a spot giveaway. This could be a sponsor or member offering a product to giveaway for promotional means, these will just pop up, Terms and conditions will apply.

Shop & win

Ever thing we promote is shop and win, you are required by law to shop and claim for free, “Tickets”. The public are required by law to apply for a ticket we can not offer these just because you shopped.

Any questions about our system then please feel free to contact our team.

Register as a customer, send a ticket request in through our members room.

Or click live chat at the bottom of your screen and talk with us direct live.