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How it works

Search our site and find stores giving great prizes away and purchase in these stores to win.

Register with and receive your own personal Login.

Add your details including social media information and claim tickets.

Select claim ticket and complete details.

This will include:

  • Drop down box for the Business.
  • Upload a photo of the required information. e.g.  purchase docketproduct wrapper, or daily draw code.
  • Total of your purchase from the store.
  • Provide the Date of purchase.

The information will be Verified and Approved by staff and your tickets will appear in your dashboard.


An error is made while claiming a ticket simply delete it and start again. All deleted tickets are recorded (dead ticket numbers ). Therefore only active tickets will be drawn at the completion of the Giveaway, Prize Draw or Competition.

All tickets are allocated to an Individual, these details are printed on each ticket along with a unique bar code. Keeping your Dashboard Registration Details up to date is very important as these details are to be included on your tickets. A blank ticket is not a valid ticket.

Extreme Shopping has built a Random Draw System that cannot be altered by anyone it is truly a Random Draw System.


Information released to the Businesses operating the Competition are simply statistic’s on their Dashboard.

E.G. how many claims for tickets, the value of the ticket claims. No personal information is released to the businesses.

When a Business operates Multiple Competitions at the same time, Your entry will automatically be allocated tickets to all competitions run by that Business.

Within in the same time frame. Therefore you will have multiple chances in multiple draws with one entry.


We do not sell personal information.

Information in our system is for ticket generation only.

Register today and be informed of ALL new competitions and draws

Important Information

Gaming and Racing Law all competitions are recorded, all events are recorded and all competition data is saved for the legally required time.

Any false or misleading claims for tickets will be referred to the police as it is a Criminal Offence.