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Extreme Business Solutions / Extreme Shopping

Has over 30 year of experence in Business.

Over this time we have seen many business start and fail, as a result many times this was brought on simply because the owners did not consider how to market themselves.

Many years of consultation with businesses within Australia and overseas we noticed a common pattern.

A lot of businesses large and small are hesitant on how to promote themselves the best way, many didn’t know even if the marketing they actually did, worked, due to this it was common to follow others.

With years of discounting in the business sector it has came apparent that a change is required.

Extreme-shopping.biz, We have spent years of designing and formula’s to make a commercially viable process to operate a Trade promotion system.

Due to the amount of time and money invested into this one project, we have filed a patent over our intellectual innovation.“Patent pending AU2015904883”.



Extreme-Shopping Site

Extreme Shopping.biz is a website built to operate Australia’s first automated processes for a Trade promotion system.

This innovative process, has taken a less desirable, some what clunky process to a stream line professional system.

What this has achieved is simple. Gives businesses now a new format to promote and draw customers to the store.This will assist businesses and help break that ever dangerous cycle of discounting.

Therefore Extreme Shopping is powerful tool for all businesses to use.

 Meet the Group

About Us

Jamie Oleary InstIB

Founder and designer Of Extreme Shopping, Over 30 years of sales and marketing, Mentor and Business advisor  for over ten years in Australia & overseas.

About Us

Sandra Oleary

Operations Manager Central West Region

Over 30 years of retail sales and marketing, Moved back to the country region for a better life style.

Central Coast

Shop, Click & Win

Geoff Winterford

Operations Manager Central Coast Region

Extreme-Shopping, Shop & Win, Free Prizes, Free Entry,Cash

Extreme-Shopping, Shop & Win, Free Prizes, Free Entry,Cash